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Hi, I'm Deb. I'm an avid crafter. If I can spell it, I've probably tried it at some point. I started with knitting which I learned from all the older women around me when I was a kid: my nan, my great-aunt, the lady who lived next door. I remember I had been given a pair of needles - old number 10s I think (3mm now?) and I spent some pocket-money on a ball of wall.  Armed with that and a copy of Women's Weekly I cast on a jumper. Ambition was not lacking. I managed to get through the ribbing and ran out of wool.  So, I pulled it out and started again.  I never did finish that jumper.

Along the way I have taught myself to crochet, bobbin lace, tatting, cross-stitch, crewel work, patchwork and sewing in all its guises.  I tend to settle on fabric-based crafts in the hotter months and woolly ones in the autumn and winter. It's not something I plan, I just follow where the inclination takes me.

You may know me as Happy Debris instead of Happy Debs.  Why Happy Debris? It's all down to my grandparents.  They tended to call me Debbie, but often my grandad couldn't quite decide whether to call me Deborah or Debbie and it would come out as Debris, as in the rubble left after a wall has collapsed.  The first time the entire family took it up with gusto - Debris being an appropriate name for the clumsy little thing I was back then. He was the only one who kept it up and it was always said with a lot of affection. Remembering it makes me smile. I changed recently to Happy Debs to help people with pronunciation "Debris" being capable of being pronounced many ways. Debs is simpler.

And the Happy part is down to Nan.  She was not a happy person. She had a sad habit of pushing people away without meaning to. When you arrived for a visit there was no welcoming smile, instead you would be greeted with "You're late - I was expecting you an hour ago and your tea is cold". I noticed in my teens that she was never happier than when she had found something, anything, to brood over and worry about. I promised myself I wouldn't be like that. It's not always easy to look on the bright side, but I try. This blog is all about things that make me happy - big and small, silly and sensible. I hope some things here will make you happy too.

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