Monday, 18 November 2013

Getting Post

I have a childish delight in receiving things in the post.  From the moment I see the postman at the door or that little red card on the mat I have a little tingle of anticipation: is it that yarn I ordered or a complete surprise?  Way back I would send off for free holiday brochures, just so I would have some post arrive with my name on. I hit gold when I ordered some information about holidays in Yugoslavia, as it was then: I received maps and all sorts of beautifully photographed booklets about the different regions. Bliss!

This last week I have had that pleasure almost every day. Some of the things I have ordered have been for Christmas presents, some have been for me. It doesn't matter - the reward is the parcel itself.  Nevertheless, some of the things that have arrived this week have been delicious.
I blame my podcasting habit for some of this. Top left is a project bag from Daisy Bun Boo - a beautifully made large, round bag, with a small pocket and a drawstring. I heard about these from Knit.Spin.Cake - I think they are made by Aimee's mum. Thoroughly recommended.

Next clockwise is a wool winder - I needed this to deal with the next item around: yarn from Soft Like Kittens all the way from New Zealand. Boy, this stuff is so glorious. I have been dithering about whether to order some for a couple of months. I love the colours Annette gets into her dying (Annette makes the Gentle Ribbing podcast) but thought that having it shipped halfway around the world was just too extravagant. I am just so delighted with it I can see me doing it all over again. I have two skeins of sock yarn and two of DK. I've already started turning the tealy-blue mix into a shawlette.

Finally I have a little kit from Manfield Craft - a mother and baby sheep kit. Basically you get two wooden sheep - one mum and one baby - and enough wool to make them each a jumper. I'm looking forward to making those, but they will have to wait until the shawl is done and maybe until I've used some more of the yarn.

I am now making a concerted effort to be content and not order any more goodies.

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